Career Objective

Be a part of Innovative and Creative Team and continue leadership position by applying skills and past experiences, lead by example to accomplish the task which leans towards the fulfilment of Organizational goals and benefit mutual growth and success.


 Having 11 years of IT experience, currently serving as a Principal Engineer (PE) at Yodlee Infotech, Bangalore. Earlier I served as Technical Leader at Thomson Reuters.

Principal Engineer
Yodlee Infotech, Bangalore Feb 2014 - Present

Yodlee delivers innovative financial applications that make online banking more profitable. Yodlee's patented software solutions help consumers achieve greater financial awareness, control, and satisfaction through the online channel
As PE I’m responsible for development and maintenance of Yodlee’s product lines.
I will be involved in the entire lifecycle including analysis, development, fixing and monitoring of issues on the Yodlee product lines. Additional responsibility is to mentor & guide other team members and also interact with other teams in work planning, execution and technical communication.

  • Managing Yodlee Labs portfolio
  • Documented installation process which helps developers to bring up the Development setup and mentoring new members
  • Bug fixing and managing Labeling in Perforc
  • Coordinating with Product management, QA, Build and Deployment team for prioritizing features and bugs for releases
  • NodeJS, ExpressJS, Handlebars, Javascript, HTML and CSS3
Technical Leader
Thomson Reuters, Bangalore Sep 2010 - Feb 2014

 Thomson Reuters is the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. Also it is the world's largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news, world news, business news, technology news, headline news, small business news, news alerts, personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds information available on

  • Managed Development Team and conducted appraisals
  • Collaborating with Product Management team and Customers to gather requirements and analysis
  • Took over entire responsibility of a NIFE product and lead the project to the completion successfully
  • Responsible for providing design solutions and estimations
  • Innovated many useful utilities and integrated them with the application
  • Delivered twelve successful releases on time
  • Created User Guide and provided trainings over WebEx and in person
  • Completed various Management Trainings conducted by MindGym
  • Acquired experience in Debugging Javascript in Firebug, Perl Debugger, Sybase, HTML5, CSS3, Prototype.js

Team Lead
Subex Limited, Bangalore Jan 2004 - Sep 2010

 Subex is a global Telecom software products company (BSS/OSS) that partners with telcos to maximize revenue by offering comprehensive and flexible solutions.

  • Joined as Trainee Software Engineer in 2004
  • During the tenure got promoted to Software Engineer, System Analyst and then as a Acting Team Lead
  • Involved in development of various Web Applications for both internal and external customers
  • Handled Development Support team including collaborating with Customers and Second level support team
  • Gathered requirements, analyzed and provided estimates
  • Co-ordinated with Development and Testing team and released stable products
  • Prioritized and allocated tasks during the daily meetings
  • Provided development reports to managers
  • Supported more than 10 customers worldwide
  • Acquired experience in FusionCharts, Perl, PHP, MySql, Oracle, Javascript, HTML & CCS

Skill Sets

Technical Skills
  • Technology
    • Perl
    • HTML5/CSS3
    • Javascript (OOPS)
    • AngularJS, Bootstrap3
    • JSON, Ajax
    • NodeJS, Handlebars
    • ExpressJS
    • JQuery, Prototype
    • PHP, LESS
  • Database
    • Sybase
    • Oracle
    • MS-SQL
    • MySQL
  • OS
    • Unix
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Solaris
  • Applications
    • Inkscape
    • GIPM
    • Bugzilla
    • FussionCharts
    • SVN
    • Apache

Soft Skills

Self Direct : Being innovative, added numerous features to the Applications which were benifical for the customers both in User Experience and Performance improvement

Understanding Business and Technical Details : Collaborating with the Product management and Customers gatherd business requirements and implemented them successfully on time

Effective Team Management : By applying the skills learnt in the Management trainings, managed development team without any conflict

Self Motivated : Sensing the difficulties faced by team and customers came up with tools like Bulk Template Modifier, Audit Log integration and Excel template configuration which has significantly increased the productivity both within the team and customers. Scripts created for development reduced the manual repeated work and automated the tasks like release process, uploading templates to application and debugging module


University Vishweshwaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science (B.E), Aug-2003

M.E.I Polytechnic, Rajajinagar, Bangalore
Diploma in Civil Engineering (D.C.E), May-1999


United Kingdom (UK)
Visited UK for Knowledge Transfer of Fraud Management System during my tenure in Subex in 2007 - Duration 3 months

United States of America (USA)
Visited USA for Knowledge Transfer of NIFE application and framework during my tenure in Thomson Reuters in 2011 - Duration a month


Yodlee Infotech

Yodlee Labs - Web Application
 Yodlee transforms data and insights into scalable financial management solutions for banks, entrepreneurs, and the people they serve.
Yodlee is an American software company that develops an account aggregation service that allows users to see their credit card, bank, investment, email, travel reward accounts, etc. on one screen. In addition, Yodlee Labs (formerly Yodlee MoneyCenter), a free web application that helps consumers manage their finances online, provides features such as bill payment, expense tracking, and investment management.
 NodeJs, Express, LESS, Javascript, HTML & CSS are the technologies used to develop Yodlee front end and backend API is developed using Java and Oracle is used for data management.

Thomson Reuters

NIFE - Web Application
 New Issue Fast Entry is an efficiency project which was developed to improve timeliness and accuracy of data. It provides the data/content analyst with the screens wherein they can add/modify the Bonds/Issues released in the market (worldwide). It provides configurable templates which displays set of fields specific to the regions by making process more efficient and reduces the time taken to add / modify the bond.
 NIFE is developed using Perl, JavaScript, HTML and CSS with Sybase database.

QC Tools - Web Application
 Quality Control Tool is web based application integrated with NIFE application. It is used for auditing the Creation and Updates on the bonds. This tool captures details like Analyst name, Bond ID, Modified Table and Fields, Old and New values of each field, Time and Location. This log can be exproted in Excel format for further analysis and log can be filtered during export by providing various filter criteria.
 QC Tools is developed using Perl, JavaScript, HTML and CSS with Sybase database.

Bulk Template Modifier - Standalone Windows Application
 NIFE Bulk Template Modifier designed using .net helps content analysts to update the templates created in Excel format all at once. Using this tool user will now be able to update templates in a short time with more user friendly GUI leading to increase in productivity due to automated updates of multiple Excel files in a single go.

Subex Limited

Interconnect Billing (Concilia)
 Interconnect Billing (Business Support System, BSS) is an application used by all the Telecom Operators to bill their Vendors/Customers. It maintains the Account details for the other operators and bill profiles are associated with those accounts based on services provided to each operator. It also maintains details of tariff rates for each destination over the periods and the traffic scenario associated with the services provided by the network provider. Payment details are maintained which are then used to generate the settlement bills in case of disputes in the Invoice and Statements generated.
 It involves Call Detail Record (CDR) processing which are sent by the other operators who uses the network (where billing system is installed) and then does the match and rate by matching the calls route with the configured dial strings and then finding the appropriate rates for the calls. After rating summary of the bill will be maintained and this is used in final stage of billing. Billing will be done based on the configuration (weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly) and at the end of the billing period the bills will be generated in draft status which should be accepted after validating by the users of the system.
 Provided Development Support by managing the team of developers.
 Application is developed using and MS SQL

Azure Fraud Management System (FMS)
 Telecom Fraud Management System detects known fraud types and patterns of unusual behavior, helps investigate these unusual patterns for potential fraud, and uses the knowledge, thus generated, to upgrade and protect against future intrusions in all telecom environments
 As a senior developer developed and tested filter module which is used to segregate the CDR based on the configuration made through XML, this module replaced existing split module which was taking more than 4 hours to filter now using my logic it reduced to 5 minutes.
 Developed and tested CDR loading module which distributes the loading task based on the load, it has both load manager and load processor.
 Had given support after deployment for more than two years which included developing customized screens and new requirements.
 Had been to UK for supporting British Telecom FMS project where I developed high performance CDR loading which is extensively migrated to all existing projects

FMS Converge (FMS)
 It is a part of the Fraud Management System (FMS) suite of products, is a complete fraud management system whose modular architecture enables operators to plan and execute a phased implementation schedule.
 It works on the Call Detail Record (CDR) and relevant information fed through either switches or billing system. These records are processed through various processes and based on the verification reports will be generated. These reports will also provide the sign of fraud happening through alarms, which is viewable through the GUI by the FMS administrators and users. Alarms are of different types like Custom Alarm, Rule Based Alarm and Usage Variation Alarms.

Honors & Awards

Above and Beyond - Jan 2012
For outstanding work in going above and beyond to work through last minute changes and testing, working extra hours, to get the NIFE Phase II project delivered on-time

Pat on Back - June 2009
For developing Subex Quality Center in a short span of a month

Subexian Pride Award - Sep 2007
For Commitment, Perseverance and Professionalism on FMS application


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